Talented members – Cinga Manga Funk /CMF/

The magic of Gipsy music. They say it is ancient, sensuous, deep, enchanting and beautiful. In their case – elegantly blended with funk, jazz and progressive rock.
Their process of making music is instinctive, speachless, off a glance. Open minds, emotional brightness and virtuosity are the main ingredients of their style.
And THEY are – the musicians from Cinga Manga Funk /CMF/:
Eva Perchemlieva – vocal and percussion
Angel Demirev – guitar
Petar Milanov – guitar
Christo Minchev – bass
Kiril Dobrev – drums

Eva Perchemlieva
Eva Perchemlieva graduated from the Music School in Burgas with percussion instruments and the Music Academy in Sofia with opera singing. She has participated in productions of all Bulgarian opera theaters and has also performed in Italy, Germany, Romania, Ukraine, Switzerland, etc. Since 2011, she has been a member of the ethnic group Bulgara as a percussionist and vocalist. Over the years she has been involved in various rock and jazz projects. Like a typhoon, she likes to gather the energies of her fellow-members and soulmates and focus it in a single musical fist so that their music can hit and conquer every soul in the audience.

Angel Demirev – born in a family of musicians. He has been inseparable from his guitar since the age of 5. He has studied in various guitar schools, played with many different projects and, over the years, has developed his unique, recognizable style. He works with Theodosii Spassov, Minko Lambov (Shaka Zulu), Point of View Quartet, Martin Lubenov, Jazzta Prasta, Perfect Stranger, RomaNeno Project and many others.

Petar Milanov has graduated with tamboura from the Music School for folk instruments and singing in Shiroka Laka, Bulgaria. In 2002 he joined the National Folklore Ensemble “Philip Koutev” where he was influenced by the famous Bulgarian composer Georgi Andreev. He is known to the audience for his participation in folklore TV shows, from the actor Kamen Donev’s projects, for their duet with the rebec player Hristina Beleva (“On focus”, 2011 and “Let me tell you”, 2014) as well as for his arrangements for the album of  the singer Darina Zlatkova (“Just feel”, 2017). Petar is a performer on the album “Boocheemish” (2017), composed by Petar Doundakov for “The Mystery of the Bulgarian voices” and Lisa Gerrard from “Dead Can Dance” and the project “Belonoga” of the singer Gergana Dimitrova. He is part of the “GloBalKan” band (Nedyalko Nedyalkov, Vladimir Karparov and Stoyan Yankoulov).

Hristo Minchev has gratuated from the Academy of Music and Theater in Plovdiv with bass guitar in the class of Alexander Lekov.
He has participated in various blues, jazz, and pop projects. He has performed with many of the most prominent Bulgarian musicians – Blues Traffik and Vili Kavaldjiev, Miroslav Turiiski trio, Alexander Lekov & Evelin Demirev group, Jimmy`s band, Vesselin Koychev, Tsvetan Nedyalkov, Hot Club de Plovdiv, Petar Salchev, Vasil Petrov , Tom Sinatra, Acoustic Jazz Trio from Dimitrovgrad, and others.
At present he is teaching bass guitar and double bass at Paisii Hilendarski University, Plovdiv.

Kiril Dobrev – drummer and conceptual engine of the emblematic ethnic group Bulgara. For 20 years he has been composing and sound-designing for various movie, theatrical and musical projects. In 2003,he won the award “Askeer”  for original music for the theater performance “The wild ones”. Author of the music of the Bulgarian proposal for the ‘Oscars’ – the movie ‘ Ketzove”, awarded with the Bulgarian Academy Award for Original Soundtrack. With his electronic project “Fake” he warms up for The Prodigy at their first concert in Bulgaria, and with Bulgara he shares the stage with Al di Meola, Billy Cobham, Human Touch, David Garfield, Milcho Leviev. He is a member of the European Film Academy. He is a Leo. He likes to sleep late and loves good food.