The magic of Gipsy music. They say it is ancient, sensuous, deep, enchanting and beautiful.
In their case - elegantly blended with funk, jazz and progressive rock.

And THEY are – the musicians from Cinga Manga Funk –

Eva Perchemlieva – vocal and percussion, Angel Demirev – guitar, Petar Milanov – guitar, Hristo Minchev – bass, Kiril Dobrev – drums

Cinga Manga Funk /CMF/- Doko Doko

Cinga Manga Funk /CMF/ – Mangava tut /live/

Cinga Manga Funk /CMF/ – ERDELEZI

Cinga Manga Funk /CMF/- KORKHORI LIVE

Cinga Manga Funk /CMF/ – Djelem Djelem

Cinga Manga Funk
talented members.

Their process of making music is instinctive, speachless, off a glance. Open minds, emotional brightness and virtuosity are the main ingredients of their style.

Eva Perchemlieva

vocal and percussion

Angel Demirev


Petar Milanov


Christo Minchev


Kiril Dobrev


Cinga Manga Funk /CMF/ - OUROBOROS


  • ``The connection of the gypsy soul with the music is by blood and by birth. Internally, the Gypsies are a very sad and lyrical people. Very sad ... But they are the artists of life.”
  • ``We are a persecuted tribe ... what‘s left, except to sing and weep ...``
  • ``We, who smell the music in the bellies of our mothers, feel it with our soul``


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